Greg Cradick 


Massage Therapist

Greg began his massage therapy training at Boulder Massage Therapy Institute and he continues to enrich his knowledge with a number of massage clinics and workshops. He has undergone extensive training and holds current certifications in prenatal, postpartum and Fertility Enhancing Massage (FEM) techniques. 

His style of touch is deep tissue focused with a blend of Shiatsu, Lomi-Lomi, Therapuetic, Myofascial Release and other influences. One of his passions is to work with women in each trimester of thier pregnancy to aid a more comfortable and healthy pregnancy. For more focused pain management he utilzes Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Muscle Energy Technique (MET's) and Neuromuscular Techniques. H has found great success working with acute lowerback pain, sports injuries, neck/shoulder/upper back pain as well as many other ailments. 

Clients know Greg to have incredibly skilled hands and an intuitive sensitivity to pressure. He uses an integral approach to body work and wellness that helps people take a broader look at what they can do to live healthier lives. 

As well as being a gifted body worker, Greg is also Jane Gregorie's husband! As Jane's partner, he has been behind the scenes at Acupuncture Denver since forever. After 20 years with Jane, he is well versed in the philosphy of TCM and is excited to have this infuse his work. 

His belief in the power of one's own body to heal itself led him to meditation and breathwork, which he often weaves into his sessions.

When he is not in the treatment room you will find him reading about the intersection of quantum physics and Buddhism, playing with the kids or carving something beautiful in the woods. Book today! 

Client Testimonials


"This was the best massage I've ever had!" -TJ


"...great trigger point work and did a great job getting out the knots! Excellent deep tissue while still keeping it relaxed." -MC


"Excellent massage! Greg has a natural talent for massage you don't find that often. Flow, quality of touch, liked sacrum/hips part especially!" -JG


"...kinesthetic sensory of pressure- AMAZING! It was very HEALING..." -JC


"One of the best massages I have EVER HAD!! Greg communicated so well & was both warm and professional, he put me at ease. The pressure was just the right balance of deep enough to get some work done but never painful (in a bad way). I especially liked the guided stretching that moved me into positions that stretched muscles & relieved tension. Had a great flow. Appreciated his lifestyle suggestions for me to improve my neck strain and low back pain, too. Just FANTASTIC!" -CB


"Greg was very MINDFUL of my pain areas and seemed to know the exact pressure for each part of my body. His skill is in his ability to tune in!" -AC


"Greg is very INTUITIVE in his massage work & always seems to know which muscles need attention!" -KL


"Every second was wonderful. It was a PERFECT massage." -AJ


" Very relaxing, very in control. One of the best massages I have ever had." -TC