Red Light Therapy for Fertility


Red Light Therapy for Fertility and Egg Quality


Doctors have found that a cell’s mitochondria plays a key role in the overall reproductive health of a woman. When there are fewer mitochondria, or if their function is disrupted, it can hamper the egg cell’s ability to split, grow and migrate. It is vital that a woman’s Oocyte cells (or, egg cells) generate a large amount of energy as egg production is a seriously energetic process, requiring an average of 200 times more energy for cell division and growth than the tasks of other cells in the body. In fact, decreased mitochondrial function within oocyte cells is thought to be a leading cause of “Unexplained Fertility.”

Redlight therapy penetrates your cells on a wavelength that can increase energy production and decrease inflammation on a cellular level by affecting the light sensitive portion of your cells, the mitochondria. Activated by redlight therapy, your cells’ ability to function better means that it can generate and transport cellular energy more efficiently.

Our red light therapy sessions use red and near infrared light wavelengths to be safe and effective for aiding in fertility, wherever you are in your cycle.

Red light therapy can assist you in your natural cycle, IVF/IUI cycle, and prepping for your retrieval or transfer- by creating a healthy reproductive environment. This optimized environment can ensure that the egg cells are released during ovulation, that they can travel down the fallopian tubes smoothly, implant into a healthy uterus wall with good blood flow, a healthy placenta can form, etc.



Red Light Therapy Rates 



After needles are put in, the Celluma will be positioned on you and will be left on for a full 30-minutes simultaneous to the needles being in. Ask your acupuncturist for more information at you next appointment!


Add-On to Acupuncture Visit $20
Add-On to Massage Visit $20



Red light therapy may increase blood flow to the uterus and increase the thickness of the uterine lining. We recommend 2 times per week for 30 minutes each leading up to the embryo transfer.