Conditions Treated

The World Health Organization lists more than 40 conditions for which acupuncture is appropriate therapy.

Gynecological Conditions

Infertility, menopausal symptoms and premenstrual syndrome.

Emotional Conditions

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness and neurosis.


Musculoskeletal Conditions

Arthritis, back pain, muscle cramping, muscle pain/weakness, neck pain and sciatica.

Neurological Conditions

Headaches, neurogenic bladder dysfunction, Parkinsonà­s disease, postoperative pain and stroke.

Digestive Conditions

Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, hyperacidity and indigestion.


Cataracts, gingivitis, poor vision, tinnitus and toothache.


Respiratory Conditions

Asthma, bronchitis, common cold, sinusitis, smoking cessation and tonsilitis.

Miscellaneous Conditions

Addiction control, athletic performance, blood pressure regulation, chronic fatigue, immune system tonification and stress reduction.