Clinic Information

Thank you for your interest in Acupuncture Denver! To better serve you, we have put together this introduction to our clinic to answer commonly asked questions. Feel free to give us a call at 303.929.9582 if we can answer in more questions, or if you'd like to book an appointment. 

We reserve this time just for you and have a strictly upheld 24-hour cancellation policy for follow-up visits and a 48-hour cancellation policy for new patient visits. Kindly give us sufficient notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment, or your credit card (which is required when booking an initial appointment with us) will be immediately charged for the full price of the treatment as per our policy. We keep all credit card numbers on file where they are safely encrypted within our practice management platform. We keep an active wait list due to our busy schedule, so we appreciate your understanding and respect for our time. 

Because we work on a 30-minute schedule, if you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, we will consider it a no-show and you will be charged for that appointment time. If you are up to 15 minutes late, we will shorten your appointment by that much time so as not to inconvenience our subsequent clients and throw off our schedule for the day. We will also accommodate you if we are running late based on our own tardiness. 

Payment is due at the time of service, and packages must be paid for in their entirety at the time of purchase. 

We are NOT in-network providers for any insurance companies; however, if your insurance covers acupuncture, we are happy to provide you with a superbill (a document listing required diagnostic and treatment codes) for personal reimbursement. In this case, payment is required at the time of service and your insurance company will reimburse you directly for all or part of covered services. 

Payment: We accept all major credit cards, HSA debit cards, cash and checks. 


8:00-3:30 Jane
1:00-7:00 Merry


8:30-4:00 Jane
1:00-7:00 Merry


8:00-3:30 Jane
10:00-7:00 Mally


8:00-3:30 Jane
10:00-7:00 Mally


10:00-6:00 Mally
10:00-6:00 Merry


9:00-4:00 Mally
9:00-4:00 Merry



Treatments & Pricing

The initial consultation is 90 minutes long and includes a detailed health history review with the practitioner and a gentle acupuncture treatment. The treatment involves resting for 30 minutes with the needles in place while listening to soft music or guided meditations. This visit is followed up with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes dietary therapy, supplements, herbs, as well as self-care and lifestyle recommendations. We will upload this treatment plan to your portal 24-48 hours after your visit. In some cases, we will see new patients as follow-up patients (1 hour treatment) if an extensive history and intake is not required. We frequently do this for out-of-town IVF patients, acute pain patients and those just prepping for an frozen embryo transfer. 

Follow up visits are 1 hour in length (checking in with practitioner for first 30 minutes and resting with needles for second 30 minutes). 

To book your initial visit, please call us at 303.929.9582, book online, or send us an email. 

Acupuncture Rates

Initial Visit & Treatment- 90 Minutes 
Follow-up Treatments- One Hour
8-Visit Package- Follow ups only 
On-Site Acupuncture for IVF Transfer $300

Massage Therapy

60 Minutes $90
90 Minutes

120 Minutes


Add-ons: Cupping or Gua-sha $35