Important Qualifications

At Acupuncture Denver, we have become well-known in the metro Denver area as highly trained, experienced, and compassionate acupuncture fertility specialists. After many years of hard work, dedication, and success stories (including hundreds of healthy babies born!) we frequently receive referrals from some of the area's best reproductive endocrinologists as well as word-of-mouth referrals from couples whom we have personally touched.

As the only Fertile Soul Clinical Affiliate in Colorado, we also offer a body-mind-spirit based approach that we didn't just learn in a classroom or online, but that was cultivated over tens of thousands of hours in the treatment room with all manner of difficult cases, unique life circumstances, and the richness and complexity of the deep desire to bring forth life. Our committment to emotional authenticity coupled with the intellectual rigor we bring to our work sets us apart from many acupuncturists who haven't had the opportunity to delve as deeply into a specialized field.

Office hallway of Acupuncture Denver in Denver, CO.

Please feel free to call us directly at 303-929-9582 or email us anytime. We look forward to connecting with you!

All of our practitioners have Master's Degrees in Oriental Medicine and are National Board Certified as Diplomates of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, or Oriental Medicine by NCCAOM. We are also all board-certified fertility specialists, having passed the ABORM examination and upheld our continuing education requirements in the field of reproductive medicine. We also strive to deepen our abilities as healers (and stay sane!) by living balanced, wholehearted lives and cultivating awareness through practices like meditation, yoga, exercise, healthy eating and regular self-inquiry. As working moms, we feel grateful to be able to share a schedule that that allows us to nurture both our patients and our families. Please see below for a Q&A that can be useful when you are seeking out a qualified acupuncturist, especially if you are looking for help with infertility.