We are excited to now offer virtual consults on video through our online booking service. For both new and existing clients, these consults are a great way to get personalized one-on-one care and support from our practitioners from the comfort of your home. We have helped thousands of women conceive both naturally and with assisted reproductive technology over the years by incorporating acupuncture with our comprehensive treatment plans that include Chinese herbal formulas, dietary therapy, supplement recommendations, mind-body coaching, and self-care strategies. 


For new clients, your one-hour session will include an in-depth intake, history, and review of systems. We will demonstrate acupressure points and various self-care treatments that you can self-administer at home. We"ll follow this session up with a comprehensive treatment plan that we will share with you via our online platform. We can also offer advice about western medical testing to request from your physician and help coach you through trying to conceive naturally with aids such as basal body temperature charting, cervical mucus awareness, and ovulation test kits. We can also offer support around assisted reproductive treatments like IVF and IUI and how best to integrate holistic treatments into your care.


For existing clients, we can go over your treatment plan and review any changes as well as offer an opportunity to coach you through any struggles you are facing on your fertility journey. We might include acupressure points to self-administer or offer a one-on-one guided meditation session to clear your energy where it is most blocked via visualization and breathwork. 


As fertility experts with over fifty years combined experience, we have so much to offer whether we are seeing you in person or meeting online. Here"s what some of our clients have to say about our care:


"You are so great. I love how knowledgeable you are about all this stuff. This is why you are the BEST! I am in the CCRM Support Group on FB and anytime someone asks for an acupuncture referral, I always mention you." -S.T.


"WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! We are absolutely thrilled, and the news couldn"t have come at a better time! Just wanted to share with you because you have been such an integral part of this process for us and I am so grateful for your constant support, guidance and skill that has gotten us through this time!" - E.R


"I felt like I could talk to any of the acupuncturists like my personal therapist and they knew the ins and outs of everything I was going through. Can't recommend them any higher!"- G.G.


"I wanted to share an exciting update- I am 17 weeks pregnant! Completing 8 weeks of acupuncture as well as following your supplement suggestions and treatment plan helped my husband and I have a successful and healthy pregnancy thus far! I wanted to thank you very much for all of your guidance and support as we were trying to conceive." -L.L.