Dietary Therapy

Dietary therapy is a very important aspect of each patient's treatment plan at Acupuncture Denver. Since Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of healing through proper nutrition, we share a wealth of information with you about what foods to include and what to avoid in your particular situation. Having also studied functional medicine and other healing modalities that include dietary therapy like Ayurveda and macrobiotics, we have a great deal of expertise in recommending a diet that suits your individual needs.Our comprehensive treatment plan includes dietary, lifestyle and nutritional supplement recommendations.

We are also very fortunate to have a wonderful nutrition consultant, Kathryn Flynn, author of Cooking for Fertility, on our team. Kathryn conducts detailed nutrition consultations via phone and email through our clinic. Her consults are primarily related to fertility enhancement but she can also create a custom dietary plan for weight loss, prenatal/post-partum health or general wellness. Please see the options below and contact us if you would like to schedule with Kathryn:

Initial Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation
(one hour)
Initial Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation
plus one month of emails

(up to 2x/week)
Initial Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation
plus 2 follow up calls 
(30 minutes each) and
3 months of emails