The Fertile Soul Method

Randine Lewis standing and meditating in front of forest.

The Fertile Soul MethodTM is a process developed by the work of Randine Lewis, utilizing, body, mind, and spirit processes to maximize your fertility and overcome any impediments to becoming pregnant. 

"Fertility is one of our deepest energetic expressions. After survival energies, the expression of our fertility comes next. Yet, if our survival energies override our reproductive energies, the scales are tipped against nature. While all of our physiologic energies are being utilized to protect the old ways of being, the life force is not allowed to move into new expressions of possibility. The Fertile Soul Method helps settle down the fight or flight response and harmonize your energies so that the reproductive response can be accessed and expressed." 
-Randine Lewis

Woman's hands in soil cupping a small sprout.

No matter what your individual circumstances are, The Fertile Soul Method can help enhance your reproductive response.

The program takes the holistic approach to infertility espoused by Traditional Chinese Medicine, examining the ways in which physical and emotional stressors can adversely affect the reproductive system, and teaching patients how they can correct these imbalances to restore their fertility. By resolving complex  health problems including premature ovarian failure and poor ovarian response, advanced maternal age, high follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels, polycystic ovary syndrome, fibroids, endometriosis, implantation failure, recurrent miscarriage and male factor infertility, Dr. Lewis and the clinicians of The Fertile Soul have had uncommon success helping thousands of couples conceive and deliver healthy babies after they had been told by Western medical doctors that they likely would never do so. The Fertile Soul"s approach can help whether a couple is pursuing assisted reproduction or looking for a natural solution.

Asian woman wearing dress in field holding her pregnant belly.

The Fertile Soul works with patients through intensive retreats and an international community of practitioners participating in the Clinical Excellence in Fertility Program. Acupuncture Denver has been a part of this program since its inception and Jane Gregorie is one of a small, select group of Fertile Soul Affiliate practitioners, chosen for their clinical expertise and for embodying the true spirit of The Fertile Soul in their lives and work.

The Fertile Soul Method helps patients identify the precise disharmonies preventing a successful pregnancy and then implement appropriate remedies. Treatment plans incorporate a combination of acupuncture, dietary modifications and nutritional supplements to nourish the body, traditional Chinese herbal medicines, techniques such as abdominal massage to increase circulation to the reproductive organs, and approaches to identify and reduce stress. Healing movement includes fertility yoga and Qi Gong, a meditative movement exercise performed in Taoist wellness practices and Chinese medicine which taps into, balances, and enlivens the flow of energy in the body. Therapeutic activities help clients to express their emotions honestly, to rid their bodies of the negative effects of stress and limiting beliefs, to reconnect with their partners, to rediscover joy and to live life again – fully, lovingly, and fertilely.