David Dunn

Massage Therapist

David Dunn Massage Therapist Acupuncture Denver

David began his massage therapy training at Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies, Tennessee's first massage school, in 2011. His top-knotch instructors there guided him in cultivating his intuition and took a genuine interest in his natural talents as a body worker. Touch has always come naturally to David, and offering massage therapy with an inward, energetic focus as well as therapeutic efficacy is where he shines. David moved to Denver in 2016 and has worked as a therapist with Zeel, the at-home massage app, as well as at high end spas, including Devil Thumb's Ranch in Summit County. He also developed a loyal clientele in Nashville, his hometown, before relocating to Denver. 

Jane Gregorie, owner and clinic director, invited David to join the Acupuncture Denver team after she had worked with him for months as part of her own self-care routine. As a massage snob, Jane can attest to his unique abilities as a massage therapist. His work combines therapeutic deep tissue and myofascial work with an acute emotional and energetic sensitivity. We are thrilled that he is part of the Acupuncture Denver family and know he will fit right in with our body-mind-spirit based approach to health, wellness and vitality!