Fertile Soul One-Day "Reclaim Your Fertility" Workshop

with Jane Gregorie, M.S., L.Ac, FABORM & Staff

Have you found yourself feeling alone and overwhelmed in your struggle with infertility? Has the roller coaster of fertility treatments left you feeling hopeless and disconnected from friends and family? Or are you simply looking for a natural, holistic, effective approach to enhance your fertility? If so, join us at Acupuncture Denver for a powerful one-day fertility retreat where you"ll find healing, education, connection, empowerment and hope.

Fertile SoulTM "Clinical Excellence in Fertility Program" affiliates Donna Huber and  Jane Gregorie, both extensively trained in Randine Lewis" Fertile Soul Method, offer mini-retreats in Denver and Omaha using Dr. Lewis" highly effective and life-changing curriculum. Jane has found that clients who have attended the one-day workshop can understand their TCM diagnosis and treatment plan better and can access all the tools of the Fertile Soul method to enhance their fertility and vitality from the inside-out. The in-depth aspects of this body-mind-spirit approach are much more accessible when we spend the day together to delve into Traditional Chinese Medical theory, diet, supplements, self-care, and body-mind practices. It is also a great opportunity to explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of fertility in a safe, nurturing container with others who understand the journey. 

Former attendees have expressed that they left the workshop with a renewed sense of hope, connection and empowerment. 

Retreat includes:

  • understanding Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis and treatment 
  • group sharing & treatment, community, and individual self-inquiry
  • simple meditation, qigong, and other body-mind practices
  • dietary and self-care therapies to enhance your fertility and vitality
  • handouts, materials, and a copy of The Infertility Cure
  • an opportunity to have all of your questions answered and pick Jane's brain

Upcoming Workshop:

  • When: TBD - please email with interest!
  • Where: Acupuncture Denver 
  • Investment: $179 for Acupuncture Denver clients; $199 for others

Praise for the one day workshop:

Dearest Jane, Donna and Acupuncture Denver staff, 

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for everything you have done for me and my husband. We found you at just the right time after so many failed IVF's. You are such a compassionate person that opened up to us about your own struggle and started healing us in that very first interview.

When we found out about the retreat we immediately decided to attend. And we are glad we did, because it made us feel so much better, it gave us back hope and inner peace.

We had been so stressed, tired and immersed in fertility treatments for the last 3 years,that we were starting to get lost along the way. The workshop gave us the emotional support we needed and sharing our story with  people going through the same thing made us feel less isolated. We enjoyed everything, from the yoga and meditation to the group treatment and having lunch with the other participants. The men's sharing circle was very helpful for my husband, men often feel left out and tend to keep everything inside, so opening up among other men was really healing.

We left that day feeling happy, empowered, full of hope and willing to continue this journey, knowing that we have you walking by our side.


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