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Testimonial: Fertility Success Times Two!

When I first went to see Jane in 2008, I was 28 and had been trying to get pregnant for four years. My husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We tried IUI a couple of times but didn’t get much further than that before I noticed my confidence and attitude start to plummet. I decided to try healthier approach than taking Clomid and stressing over IUI.

At first I didn’t like going to acupuncture but after a couple of weeks I started to feel overwhelmingly better even though I wasn’t pregnant yet. The stress and depression I was experiencing at the time was excruciating and the sadness consumed me. Having relief from that pain was worth every penny and just a few months later I was finally pregnant. That was a good day.

After my beautiful daughter arrived I knew I shouldn’t assume the problem was fixed. If the first baby took five years the second could take just as long. And I’m not getting any younger! So after another year and a half of trying for the second baby I went back to Jane. Within three months I was pregnant again.

I also referred two of my friends to Jane and they both have babies now.

I still schedule treatments with Jane because I notice that when I go to acupuncture I handle stress better, my memory is better, I have more patience and I’m just overall more grounded. I absolutely love everything about Acupuncture Denver--  the office is clean, comfortable and the staff is consistently friendly and compassionate.  So, basically, what I’m saying is this stuff really works and I’ll never go anywhere else for acupuncture. Thank you Jane!!!


If you want to learn more about how we can help, consider attending our upcoming "Reclaim Your Fertility" One Day mini-retreat on February 8th, 2015. You deserve to find compassion, understanding and hope on your fertility journey. We are here for you!