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Fertility Success Stories: What Our Patients Say

Jane, Merry and the team at Acupuncture Denver are amazing!  Their expertise and empathy shine through in every interaction.  This incredible locally-owned business is for those interested in getting onto the path of wellness.  Not only do they offer acupuncture treatments, they also offer nutrition insight and educational classes in a  supportive, loving community.   Although Acupuncture Denver specializes in fertility, I would not hesitate to go to them for anything.  Through their support I was able to change my lifestyle to reduce stress and we are now happily expecting due to their efforts.  I was referred to them by one of the top fertility docs in town and I now know why, they treat your body as well as your soul.

- Denver P. 3/23/2014

As soon as I walked through the doors I started to feel better.  The environment at Acupuncture Denver is warm and welcoming. All of the staff make you feel at home.  I worked with both Merry and Jane during my journey to motherhood and always felt better after a treatment.  It was so helpful to me to work with these 2 women who have such expertise in fertility issues because my nurse at the fertility office didn't always have the time to explain things to me.  Jane and Merry have so much experience that they were able to give me a greater understanding and reassurance throughout the entire process.  I also took advantage of the yoga classes offered where I met 2 amazing women who are still my close friends 2 years later, we are all mothers now.

- Tracey D. 10/8/2013

I have nothing but great things to say about Acupuncture Denver. Jane, Merry and the rest of the staff were such an amazing support system for me while going through my infertility and they played a pivotal role in my success with IVF.  Everyone is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.

- Amie N. 5/17/2012

I highly recommend Acupuncture Denver. Jane and her staff are the warmest, deeply caring team of professionals helped us through the difficult path of infertility. I am now pregnant with twins and I truly believe they were an important part in our journey to achieve this pregnancy. Thanks again!

- Lorena L. 3/19/2012

Finding Jane and Acupuncture of Denver has been a true blessing and a wonderful experience. After suffering 3 consecutive miscarriages and no known cause I was emotionally exhausted. My Doctors suggested fertility treatments, but I was determined to try acupuncture first before any medical treatments. I initially felt connected to Jane and felt confident and positive in trying to conceive once again. I was overly impressed with her overall knowledge and guidance. The entire experience was refreshing and gave me an overall sense of calmness. I am happy to say I am successfully pregnant and having a beautiful healthy pregnancy. Thank you Jane and Acupuncture of Denver for being such a great place for women to find their peace and happiness.

- Kara G. 12/22/2013

I started doing acupuncture primarily as a fertility treatment after suffering from several miscarriages and being diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. After acupuncture treatments my antral follicle count greatly improved. I also noticed that I had fewer migraines. I did an IVF cycle in conjunction wtih the acupuncture treatments and 17 eggs were retrieved when I once had an antral follicle count of only 4. I am now pregnant with twins as a result of that cycle. The acupuncture treatments were incredibly beneficial in so many ways. Thank you Acupuncture Denver!

- K.P. 10/7/2011

Trying to conceive at 40 isn't easy but seeing Merry every week for 3 months along with Jane's guidance helped me conceive from my first IUI with Dr. Albrecht. I left a fertility clinic two years ago devastated because I was told my FSH was high and probably would need an egg donor!  I did some online research and eastern medicine made sense. I tried another fertility acupuncturist but glad I kept searching for the right one. Luckily I was really impressed with how thorough Jane was during the consultation and how genuinely they seemed to care. Trying to get pregnant is a very delicate matter and an emotional journey and each weekly visit with Merry always gave me comfort. She never was rushed and took to time to help me see everything in a positive light and release my fears that I couldn't do with anyone else.  They both are so attentive and go beyond the normal means to make sure you are well and are getting all the help you need! They always quickly responded to my emails too!  After 3 months of acupuncture my FSH went down to 10 from 14 and like I said earlier I conceived the end of the 3rd month!!

- Andrea M. 7/24/2011

Jane and Merry have been invaluable to me! Both ladies are so comforting, reassuring, incredibly knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. I look forward to my appointments every week. Being able share with them any questions or concerns I had, combined with my treatments, made for the most relaxing and peaceful hour of my week. Seeing these lovely ladies, without a doubt, helped us conceive. My first trimester has been so smooth and calm. Since this is my first pregnancy I have nothing to compare it to but I like to believe that acupuncture, at the very least helped, if not was the sole reason it was so easy. I'm just entering my 2nd trimester and will continue to see them throughout my pregnancy. We can't thank you enough Jane and Merry!!

- Saadi D. 4/28/2011

Jane and Merry are so wonderful!!!  They are compassionate, caring and great practitioners! They helped and supported us in our journey through infertility...and IVF...and now we are expecting twins in two months!! Jane was an integral part of the process for both of us...and we are so grateful!

- Brian M. 3/25/2011

When I first came Acupuncture Denver I was still reeling from the loss of my 3rd pregnancy. Jane made me feel relaxed and validated my pain, something doctors hadn't done at all.  She worked with me to heal both my body and my heart, and along with Merry, who is awesome, helped me get to a place where I was excited to try again.  For me, the 4th time was a charm, this January we welcomed a beautiful daughter into our lives. I attribute Acupuncture Denver and the loving care of Jane and Merry with helping me achieve the healthy body and open heart that allowed her to come. I highly recommend Acupuncture Denver.

- Marti R. 3/4/2011

I am very glad I found Jane and Merry. I was told by doctors that my chances to get pregnant were very slim. My body was a mess coming out of cancer treatment. They put me right on track and a year later I have a wonderful beautiful baby girl. My current doctor called my pregnancy and my baby a miracle. I am very grateful to them and even after having my baby I still have sessions with them. They helped me with lactation and post partum recovery. They are caring, supportive and very knowledgeable. They are truly wonderful.

- Denise P. 2/4/2011

I cannot say enough about Jane Gregorie and Merry Reasons.  Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about infertility and acupuncture, they are great listeners, empathic to this disease, and are people who can keep you calm and as stress free as you can be.  After 3 1/2 years and an IVF cycle, I am now pregnant and feel that I owe a lot of my success to Jane and Merry.  Infertility is such a struggle and sometimes doctors can make you feel that you are just one in thousands.  Jane and Merry make you feel like a person.  They care about your success and give you hope.  I appreciate all their help and would recommend them to anyone who is trying to get pregnant.

- Nicole B. 12/18/2010

Without a doubt I attribute my success in getting pregnant to Jane Gregorie. After a year and a half of being told by the endocrinologists that I was not ovulating and would not be able to get pregnant without infertility treatment, I decided to go see Jane. I didn't know if or how the treatments were working but I felt at ease and relieved to be working with someone who gave me hope. Today I have an amazing son who is my little miracle baby. And I couldn't be happier or more grateful.

- Brooke L. 12/16/2010

Thanks to Acupuncture Denver, we are celebrating the holidays with a precious new baby boy. I had never been to acupuncture, and was quite skeptical when I first began treatment with them. Their knowledge is remarkable to say the least when it comes to female reproduction and fertility. I came to them very hopeless and lost, and they turned our world around with their care!

- Jen N. 12/15/2010

Jane Gregorie and Merry Reasons are incredible practitioners who specialize in fertility enhancement and women's health. After a year of trying to get pregnant, I started receiving regular acupuncture treatments from Jane and was pregnant in just a few months. Both Jane and Merry are incredibly caring, compassionate and supportive. I highly recommend this clinic if you are struggling with fertility challenges.

- Shanna G. 2/5/2010