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Testimonial: Acupuncture Improves IVF Outcomes

I visited Acupuncture Denver in 2013 to help me with two egg retrieval procedures.  Before that, I had one retrieval in late 2012, and though I had 13 active follicles, that first retrieval yielded only 9 eggs, 3 of which were mature, and 2 of which fertilized.  Combined with a change in stim meds protocol, with four weeks of acupuncture treatments, my second retrieval yielded 15 eggs, 12 of which were mature, and 10 of which fertilized.  An improvement of 500%!  I was able to do 12 weeks of acupuncture treatments for my third retrieval, which yielded 17 eggs, 12 of which were mature, and 10 of which fertilized.  Of the 22 total, 12 lived to blastocyst stage, and 4 of those passed genetic testing – one from the first cycle, one from the second, and two from the third.  Clearly, the more acupuncture treatments, greater the quantity and quality produced.  We are looking forward to doing successful embryo transfers with the assistance of Acupuncture Denver!

Jane, Merry, and staff are fantastic at what they do.  Not just in terms of technical skills, but also, they provide such an ambience of support and empathy. As a fertility patient I think this is of utmost importance, and I felt blessed to find such a sensitive and caring practice.  I had never tried acupuncture before so this was a wonderful introduction to how good it can make you feel and how healthy it is for the mind-body-spirit connection.  When you first arrive you are offered tea or water, which is lovely.  I especially love the Rose Petal. They are never behind schedule, but also never in a hurry, so you always get to go in on time, and you never feel rushed.  Once in the treatment room, the visit begins with a discussion about how you have been feeling in the interim since your last appointment.  They are very interested in knowing whatever you have to say and they keep notes from visit to visit.  When it’s time to begin they explain everything to you before they do it, so there are no surprises.  The needles go in and you begin to feel relaxed.  They rarely are uncomfortable, but when that happens they are moved right away. Then the music or meditation CD comes on and you drift off peacefully.  I would highly recommend Acupuncture Denver, without any reservation.