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Fertility, Community and Hope

I was so honored to hold space for all of the courageous women who attended our National Infertility Awareness Week group treatment and sharing circle event. It was moving, inspiring and powerful. Sitting in a circle of women who can understand the grief of infertility and pregnancy loss is always such healing experience. Many women commented on how much more resilient they felt having found space at Acupuncture Denver to open up (sometimes for the first time ever) with others who have "earned the right to hear their story, " as Brene Brown writes. Bringing women together in the safe space we have created has become one of my biggest priorities at the clinic. Some women even commented that they wished they had found us sooner since making this connection has lifted their spirits, helped them handle the roller-coaster of infertility and, most importantly, made them feel less alone. 

I am continually awed by the strength I see in the women I treat on a daily basis at the clinic. And when we come together in a circle of women, this power is palpable. One attendee at the event commented at the conclusion of the sharing circle that she could "feel the hope that filled the room." We are all healed when we come together with shared intentions and struggles. Even though the uncertainty of the fertility journey can be scary, overwhelming, and painful, touching in to our common humanity through our shared experience is a beautiful thing. Gratitude to the women who came to this lovely event and to all whose journeys I have shared over the years. You amazing women continue to inspire me!