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2013 reflections and Acupuncture Denver January offerings

It's mid-December, and the new year is almost upon us. I find myself excited to take time to recount 2013 in my journal; I plan to list the challenges, triumphs, and ways in which I have grown. 2013 definitely had its highs - and lows - and I feel grateful for the strange, wild ride I have gone on! 2013 energetically felt like a year of big balances; often that balancing came with upheaval and loss. In retrospect, I think of the year a bit like a needed fire: sometimes the forest periodically requires the underbrush to be cleared away to allow for new growth. Some thoughts for reflection I've had (going with this metaphor) are: What was cleared away this year? What can grow in its place?

A friend of mine mentioned the word "loam" last night, and its symbolic quality. Loam is rich, quality soil: perfect for planting. Soil needs work to get to the loam state; I think we're like that as people, too. Preparing ourselves to be more receptive, more nourished, deeper in our wisdom and with greater understanding of our complexities is a journey - a journey into a richer, more rewarding life. I don't think the journey stops; we just find ourselves at different signposts and with different road maps. Remembering - acknowledging - our existence is part of the loam-building process.

I have a new journal for 2014, and I plan to begin it with an intention, rather than a resolution. I've been meditating the past few days on the concept of "deserving". I think of the word less in terms of reward or punishment, and more about claiming (and insisting upon) what is rightfully ours. What's ours is not tangible, exactly: it's more of a sense of agency and ownership in expecting what is best for ourselves. We can hold ourselves and others accountable to this, but ultimately it's our choice to walk away when what we deserve is not being fulfilled. The thought is incredibly liberating!

What's your intention for 2014? What steps will you take to turn your intention into a practice?

Acupuncture Denver has some wonderful offerings for 2014 that will support the new cycle of growth for the coming year. There's the 4-series Fertile Ground yoga class that begins Sunday, January 5th. The free monthly infertility support group meets Thursday, January 16th. And the free meditation session happens on Sunday, January 19th. We hope to see you!

*first image courtesy of Famartin