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New Study Finds That Less Stress Leads to Greater IVF Success Rates

By Alyssa Beiss, Acupuncture Denver Staff

It is widely accepted that high levels of stress are associated with difficulty conceiving and maintaining pregnancy. It should not come as a surprise that a similar association can be made between stress levels and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes. A new study of women undergoing IVF, measured levels of stress hormones throughout the IVF process, and found a correlation between lower levels of stress and increased success rates. You can read the abstract for this study here.

Past studies have found that acupuncture increases success rates when used in conjunction with IVF. Anyone who has had acupuncture knows how great it is for stress relief; so now it seems that the benefit comes not only from the acupuncture directly, but also indirectly from the decrease in stress. We see the benefits of acupuncture every day here at Acupuncture Denver. With the increasing number of IVF clinics providing acupuncture on-site, there doesn't seem to be a question of whether or not it’s beneficial when used in conjunction with Western fertility treatments. 

Jane, Merry, and Brittany see clients every day who are undergoing IVF cycles, and they work closely with a number of the local IVF clinics. As specialists in fertility, they are incredibly well-versed in treating women from both Chinese and Western perspectives, and have extensive training in specific protocols that have been shown to increase success rates. With all the appointments, tests and procedures necessary when going through an IVF cycle, it's so important for your overall health to take time to reduce stress however you can. Now this new study shows just how important it is also to improve IVF outcomes. So schedule an appointment today and start feeling the benefit!