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Reflections on the Fertile Soul Retreat

By Alyssa Beiss, Acupuncture Denver Staff

I am consistently amazed and inspired by the women that come to see Jane and Merry. Many of their journeys toward motherhood have been filled with pain and loss and yet they continue to come to the office week after week with strength and hope. Though I can’t speak from my own experience, I have spoken to enough women to know that, for many of them, this is the most difficult thing they have had to face in their lives. I was lucky enough to spend all of last weekend with a group of these incredible women (and one man) at the Fertile Soul retreat right here at Acupuncture Denver. Since I started working here almost two years ago, I have heard about how powerful these retreats are and how amazing Randine Lewis is, and they both far exceeded my expectations. Randine’s knowledge and wisdom is astonishing and her warm, comforting presence put me at ease, even while stirring up some extreme and uncomfortable emotions. It was an incredibly healing and transformative weekend full of information that, while intended for women struggling with fertility challenges, can be applied to most any struggle in life. I will certainly be coming back to it often for my own health and healing.

Towards the end of the retreat, Randine commented, “The moments of your life prepare you for the moments of your life.” Thank you, Randine, for all of the moments you shared with us last weekend. And thank you J, E, S, R, I, M and S for having the strength and courage to come to the retreat and share your stories. You’re all an inspiration to me and I am incredibly grateful to have been able to share that space with you.