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There's Still Time To Sign Up For The Fertile Soul Retreat!

The Fertile Soul retreat is coming up next weekend, 10/12-10/15, and there is still space for people to sign up! I have included some words from Randine below about what we'll be covering this weekend and what others have said about the retreat. I can say that in my own fertility journey, retreats were key to accessing healing, peace and happiness again. This will be a unique, intimate retreat experience in which Randine will cover body-mind practices, meditations, and the eight extraordinary meridians. We'll have several hours of time with Randine which is a great opportunity to have face-to-face contact and access to her expertise, experience and compassion.  Deep discounts are available for all Acupuncture Denver patients and payment plans are available. Don't let finances get in the way of coming to this amazing gathering!  Go to The Fertile Soul website to sign up online or call 866-688-4344 to speak to someone about payment options and details. If you're still on the fence about coming, here are some words from Randine and former retreat attendees on why you should join us:

What do we get for the cost of retreat?

"This is probably the most frequently asked question of prospective retreat participants, because retreat cost is not cheap. While it’s challenging to quantify intangibles, the best answers come from those who have attended retreat. These don't include the testimonials of those who are pregnant and flowing over with gratitude:

This is by far the best money I have ever spent.

The retreat far exceeded my expectations and changed my life.

I have spent many tens of thousands of dollars on unsuccessful IVFs.  If only I would have attended retreat before my IVFs, we would have saved in the long run.

I have been to three retreats; each one has opened me up to a new level of healing that I haven’t found anywhere else.

This isn't just about having babies, is it?!

My intention for retreat participants is to facilitate an energetic shift that opens them up to life. The amount of time, energy, and my life’s work that has gone into such an intensive process is not easy to put into a monetary value. It is different for each person and every one gets as much as I have to give during the retreat. You cannot know the power until you immerse yourself in it.

I don’t think most practitioners of Oriental medicine know the potency of this type of healing. It is rarely witnessed in a clinical setting. It requires an intensive process that I have only been able to practice on retreat. This was the way our medicine used to be practiced, and still can be. But not for an hour a week, and not simply in receiving the tools we utilize; it requires courage and a commitment to change ones life. It is not in the diagnosis, the needles, the herbs, the diet, or supplements. It is not just in the supportive care that retreat participants get from each other and us. The power is found in that place in the soul where true transformation takes place; where miracles occur, where the seeds of one’s destiny lie. It is difficult to quantify. But we have never found anyone we haven’t been able to help." -Randine Lewis