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A Circle of Support on the Fertility Journey

I got to spend part of this past Sunday with an amazing group of women who have supported each other through their respective fertility journeys for the last four years after having met at my Ferrtile Ground Yoga class. When I was about to go on maternity leave and had to put the class on hold in the summer of 2008, five women who met there decided to get each others’ contact info and stay in touch. That led to emails, dinners, baby showers and a beautiful circle of support that has gotten them through fertility challenges (as well as IVF cycles, pregnancies, losses, births, trying for #2, etc) ever since. Bringing women together to share their stories and support one another is actually one of the “accomplishments” I’m most proud of when I reflect on my work over the years. It is so touching to be in a group of women and feel such enduring love and unconditional support. We were all there yesterday for a baby shower being held in honor of the person who was probably the glue that held together that group of women in many ways. After many years of treatments, losses and bumps in the road along the way, her babies finally arrived (at just about 27 weeks). Since they came so early, I know the coming weeks while they are in the NICU will be difficult. But knowing that a circle of support is there to surround this new mom and her family is amazing. It has been such an honor to witness the understanding, compassion and connection that can grow out of the pain of infertility and loss. It’s truly a beautiful thing. So here’s to Paola, Christine, Dana, Shelby and Kitty…thanks for being such strong, open-hearted and inspiring women. You are all amazing!