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Fertile Soul Retreat Coming to Acupuncture Denver!

Happy Fourth of July! 
Independence Day celebrates breaking free from the control of the motherland. We eat, drink, gather with friends and family, and watch the sky fill with fireworks. The day ends, and we go back to our lives, unchanged., having just given our energy to another past moment in history.
Rather than focusing on the past story, I like to think about the meaning of independence, making it relevant today. We can recognize those aspects of our lives where we might feel dependent or stuck in unhealthy patterns from the past. Are you stuck in your fertility struggles? Stuck hearing depressing statistics from your doctor? Stuck in unfulfilling jobs or relationships? Who or what has control over you? Where do you need to free yourself from patterns that no longer serve you? We utilize a powerful process  on retreat for breaking out of patterns that keep us stuck, liberating our energy so we can move forward with new strength and hope.
Judy felt stuck in her life, professionally and personally. She held an extremely high powered position on Wall Street, and spent most of her down time preparing for procedures at a reproductive clinic she couldn't stand going to. Yet, she saw no way out. The story she told herself was that she couldn't leave her job - she needed the money to support her lifestyle and pay for the medical procedures she felt she needed. This wasn't true; she just couldn't see her way out of it. During her retreat process, it was revealed how she could free herself from both. Within months, her entire life had changed. She was liberated. They did not even have to downsize. Two daughters later, they are thriving.
It takes courage to change your life, but you can be liberated from your infertility, from areas in your life where you feel stagnant or held back. The results are miraculous. 
We are excited to announce that Randine will be holding a Fertile Soul retreat right here at Acupuncture Denver on October 12-15, 2012! Details coming soon at