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Acupuncture Denver to Provide 4-Year Ethiopian Midwife Scholarship!

I am so happy to announce Acupuncture Denver's recent decision to partner with Mudula Water to sponsor one of the midwifery students they will be sending to Hamlin College of Midwives for the next four years. As some of you know, my son is from the Mudula area of Ethiopia and it is such an gift to be able to give back to the people there. Since 95% of all births in Ethiopia are unattended, there is a very high rate of maternal death and ongoing health issues due to complications of childbirth. The midwives who are sponsored through this program will commit to going back to the Mudula/Tembaro region to serve the families after they finish their education. Read more about the program here. I am also excited to be going to Ethiopia this fall with a group from Mudula Water! Hopefully, I'll be able to meet "Tigist," the student we will be sponsoring, when I go. We'll also be touring some of Mudula Water's other projects, visiting the fistula hospital, and meeting with birth families when we are there. I cannot wait to see all of the amazing work the Mudula Water team has been doing in Ethiopia and also to get back there for a visit. Please check back for updates on this project and to learn more about Tigist's progress at the school. I am so excited to be part of this good work and feel fortunate that we have the opportunity to give back to a cause we believe in!