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A Holiday Message

Today is the winter solstice (when I wrote this; not necessarily when you get it!), which marks a turning point as the darkest day of the year and the start of the returning light. Even as the demands of the holiday season (shopping, parties, obligatory events) tend to draw us outside of ourselves, this time of year is a great time to turn inward and reflect on what has enriched us in the past year. I spent a great deal of time in 2011 delving into Brene Brown's work on shame and wholeheartedness. Looking at some of the darker parts of myself has been challenging but ultimately more liberating than any other inner work I've done. I highly recommend her books, her TEDx talk, and her online classes.  

One of the greatest lessons I learned about wholehearted living from Brene's work is that gratitude is what really makes us happy.  Making a conscious effort to write down one thing daily for which I am grateful has been a simple but profound way to check in with what matters most in life. As Brene says, gratitude is a practice, not just an attitude. And speaking of gratitude, I'm incredibly grateful for the gifts I receive working here at Acupuncture Denver. Witnessing so much strength, hope and courage is an amazing experience and I feel honored to share in people's lives in such meaningful ways on a daily basis. I'm also grateful to work with such an amazing team of women (Merry, Shanna and Alyssa) at the clinic and cherish the support and friendships we all share. As you move into the new year, consider starting a gratitude journal or board so you can make gratitude a tangible, daily practice.  

I also want to take this time to thank all of you who have supported the clinic in 2011. We do not take your trust or loyalty for granted! The clinic expansion we completed this year has been amazing and as we move into 2012 we will be offering more clinical services and classes. Think relaxation and beauty....stay tuned. Also, we will offer meditation and fertility yoga in January... click on sign up links to sign up online! 

And finally, it's easy to forget about the needs of others when we find ourselves in the midst of our own struggles, stresses or complicated lives. But another great way to reconnect with something bigger than ourselves is to give back. We have listed our favorite non-profits on our giving back page in hopes that you will consider them for your holiday and year-end giving. We are so grateful that we can support these worthy causes at Acupuncture Denver and hope you will do the same!

Happy Holidays and may 2012 be fruitful, happy, and healthy for all of us!


With A Grateful Heart,