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More Positive Feedback from Our One-Day Reclaim Your Fertility Workshop

We are excited about our upcoming One-Day Fertile Soul retreat which happens on Sunday, October 2 from 9:00AM-7:00 PM. This day-long workshop has proven to be one of my favorite experiences to share with my patients and other attendees. The presentation is full of information, the work is deep and heart-centered, and by the end of the day everyone feels supported, uplifted, and hopeful. I invite anyone who needs a day of nurturing, connection and healing to attend. You can read more about the workshop here or simply register here. One of the participants at our last workshop graciously shares her experience below. Please also feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about the day. We hope you can join us!

The One Day Fertile Soul Retreat opened my way of thinking, acting and being about the different aspects of the fertility journey.  I was at a point of "giving up" and was encouraged to consider "letting go" instead. 

In sharing our journeys, we were encouraged to listen to one another and hold each others' journeys without trying to comfort or alleviate feelings. So often on the fertility journey, we are comforted by others with good intentions, but not allowed to experience our own feelings for what they are.  This type of sharing is healing and strengthening - I found it to be instrumental in allowing myself to feel the many aspects of the fertility journey that I had suppressed. 

There is so much to learn about, do, and not do when it comes to fertility that it begins to feel like another job.  Having a day of retreat to put the different pieces into practice with others who understand the journey helped me to find the courage to take care of myself first.

The retreat started a "reclamation of life" process for me.  Trying to conceive had taken over my life and left me feeling broken and not good enough.  In retreating to spend time with others on a similar journey, I was able to clear a space in my soul so that I could emerge from a path of despair to start a journey on a path of self-healing. 

I am forever grateful for this opportunity, and hope that all persons on this path who wish to find peace in the journey have the experience to retreat with others. -SB.