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Reclaim Your Fertility One-Day Fertile Soul Workshop

We are excited to be offering another one-day Fertile Soul Reclaim Your Fertility mini-retreat on Sunday, October 2nd. This day-long workshop proves to be inspiring, rejuvenating and empowering for all who attend. After the last workshop, one of the participants shared her experience with me in an email:

I was checking out your website when I saw the One Day Fertile Soul Retreat info and I knew I would be going! That day was one of the most amazing days I have had in a very long time. I have a few friends that have had infertility problems but most don't share their stories. As I was listening to the stories of the other ladies in the workshop I was feeling every emotion you can think of. It was like an eye opener for me. If these ladies have gone through all of this pain and suffering of not being able to conceive or to carry their baby full term, I'm definitely not alone, and I don't have to go through this alone. The sharing circle was very rewarding to me and I will never forget the stories. I really enjoyed the yoga and meditation also! I really enjoyed learning about the diet, the herbs, and the massage/acupressure. The whole day was fantastic! The story you read was amazing. It brought me so much peace. When you were reading it, I felt like a huge weight of stress and sadness had been lifted and I have not felt this great in a very long time!

I'm not sure if it was the experience of the whole day and being so stress free, but I started my period on my way home that day. I hadn't had it since the beginning of April. I was so giddy! I want to thank you again for having this mini retreat! Without you and Randine's book, my dreams of becoming a mommy would probably not come true!

Donna and I are always honored to share Randine's powerful work during this transformative one-day mini-retreat. Every time we offer the workshop, it gets better and better. If you are interested, I encourage you to register soon since we have limited space available. We also offer a couples option, so feel free to bring your spouse! If you want to learn more about The Fertile Soul Method and to connect with others who understand the fertility struggle in a safe, nurturing space, this workshop is perfect for you. Let us know if you have any questions about the workshop. And feel free to email me anytime.