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First Sunday Meditation Session at Acupuncture Denver

I so enjoyed leading our first meditation class and session in the new healing sanctuary at Acupuncture Denver today. It's always good to recall meditation instruction for myself and to spend time sitting in a group.  It was a great way to spend sunday morning!  We will continue to offer meditation classes/sitting practice on  last Sunday of each month. Please see our classes page for more information. As long as there is no class happening, all of our patients are also welcome to use the healing sanctuary space to do sitting meditation before or after their treatments. It's a great way to ground, calm the mind and touch back into basic sanity. Also, if anyone is interested in sitting together weekly, we can make the space available during a time that will work for a small group. So let us know!

Samatha, or calm-abiding meditation is one of the most powerful ways we can begin to tame our minds and infuse our daily lives with more stability, mindfulness and open-heartedness. While the practice seems daunting at first (sitting quietly, not moving, following the breath and labeling thoughts), it becomes a wonderful refuge from the day-to-day "monkey mind" we grow so used to tolerating. Taking 5-20 minutes out each day to sit quietly in samatha meditation can have a profound effect on our lives. Please join us for the next session in August and feel free to call or email if you have any questions. It's thrilling to be able to share tools and practices for healing ourselves in this wonderful new space. Hopefully, bit by bit, we can all help make the world a healthier, saner, more peaceful place by growing in mindfulness and awareness together! The generous participants also donated over $50 to support the new building renovation fund for the Orgyen Khamdrolling Buddhist Center in Denver. Thanks everyone for your generous contributions!