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Welcome to the new site and new blog!

Welcome to the beautiful new Acupuncture Denver site and blog! The creation of our improved website has been months in the making and we are so excited to finally launch. Our blog will be hosted on the site moving forward, but if you would like to read our past blog entries, please visit our old blog site anytime. I look forward to becoming more active on the new blog and to inviting guest bloggers and other Acupuncture Denver team members to write more often. 

Another exciting piece of news is that Randine Lewis and The Fertile Soul team are arriving in Denver today for their first local Fertile Soul Retreat in Colorado. There are still a few spaces available, so if you are interested in signing up last-minute, contact me for details. Merry and I are both excited to be participating in the retreat and know everyone attending is in for an amazing experience. We can't wait! 

Please explore our beautiful new website and leave comments here on the blog. I look forward to writing more about what's going on at the clinic as well as sharing my inner musings on health, healing, personal transformation, and living life to the fullest. Yay!