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The COVID & The Beautiful

Managing During A Crisis

By Jane Gregorie - March 14, 2020

Sh*t's done hit the fan, y'all. I can't believe how crazy this past week has been, globally and locally. We have been working hard to put policies and procedures in place to ensure that we can continue to offer exceptional patient care and a safe place for healing despite the current COVID-19 crisis. Clinic will remain open for regular hours at this time, but will be postponing the Women's Infertility Support group for obvious reasons until at least May. 

I'm including a list of cleaning and safety measures we are taking at the clinic (see below) and also wanted to make sure that you all get the message that we cannot see any patients who have any symptoms of active viral infections (fever, chills, body aches, wheezing, sore throat, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath) as well as those who are self-quarantining based on likely exposure to the virus. Our staff has also been instructed to STAY HOME if they are sick. 


I also want to invite you to take some time away from the chaos and increasingly terrifying news and focus on recharging, resting, and getting into nature. Nature is the BEST place to find solace right now (and based on that study, it's also great for your immunity!) You can certainly maintain social distance in the hills or the woods, which is what I had the great pleasure of doing today. I took a long slog through crusty snow in the mountains with my dogs, taking in the fresh air, wandering among the aspens and Doug firs, and noticing the way the light on snow makes the world so much brighter at midday in winter. I took in the vista from a ridge overlooking the Mosquito Peaks above the vast South Park mesa, Mt. Baldy shining silver between parting clouds, and I thought to myself, the world may be is crazy, but I'm freaking lucky to be alive today. 


Rather than spinning out on all the bad news stories and worrying about my toilet paper supply (luckily I have a bidet at my house-- toilet paper be damned!), I decided to focus on what I'm grateful for and to literally gaze on as much beauty as I can take in (hence the campy photo above), because I know it will do my body and mind good. I invite you to find a place in nature or even in your back yard where you can feel grounded and connected to the earth, at one with the benevolent spirits of the elements, and at peace in the HERE and NOW. Maybe the many shut-downs happening around us are inviting us to do just that: SLOW DOWN. Even STOP. Breathe. 


We will be creating a similar viral prevention formulas in our pharmacy and can drop ship herbs and supplements to clients upon request from some of our vendors. You can also order supplements from our Fullscript pharmacy. Chinese herbs have been used for millennia to treat viral infections and support immunity. Call us at 303-929-9582 if you need help getting any products. Or shoot us an email at 


In addition to immune-boosting herbs, acupuncture or at-home moxa, I'd also recommend taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, a good probiotic, getting PLENTY OF SLEEP, avoiding too much sugar and incorporating foods like bone broth soups or congee, taking saunas if you can, and of course washing those hands with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds multiple times per day, especially after being in crowded places. Most of us have sturdy immune and cardiovascular systems and are at very low risk of severe complications from COVID-19. There was some promising research cited in this Guardian article in terms of COVID risk and pregnancy, which is reassuring for our pregnant and fertility clients. But we must remain vigilant about decreasing the spread of this virus as a community, either way. We're going to be here for you, doing our part to serve our patients and keep them well. Reach out if you need us, anytime. 


What we are doing: 

  • cleaning all clinic surfaces throughout the day
  • using disposable cups for tea and water service
  • allowing patients to move to a treatment room (or back bench if not available) if they prefer to be isolated while waiting 
  • sanitizing everything that clients touch before and after every treatment (face cradles, doorbells sheets)
  • washing/sanitizing our hands before and after every patient
  • asking our staff to stay home if they are ill and self-quarantine if necessary


What you can do: 

  • cancel your upcoming appointment if you are ill or have been in close contact with someone who is ill
  • wash your hands before and after coming into clinic (bathroom is just to the left of our clinic door as you enter)
  • slow down, take a breath, and remember what you love about life. Take in some beauty.
  • and I'm telling you right now, everyone needs a biffy!

Please reach out to us if you have concerns about coming in during this time and also remember you can book and cancel online HERE. Be well and look for what delights you in the world!