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CLINIC CLOSED! (for now)

We are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 Outbreak

By Jane Gregorie - March 20, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and recent Colorado State Health Department Mandates, we are closing the clinic effective 3/20/20 until further notice. Depending on how the regulations effect our industry (as acupuncturists we are in a bit of a gray area as healthcare providers and not a spa/salon/tattoo parlor!). We hope to be open as early as 4/16/20, but closure could be mandated through 4/30/20 if we are subject to the same rules as salons and spas.           


Our online booking platform is rolling out some telehealth/video session options as early as next week and we'll be setting those up for our clients ASAP. We will be available on a limited basis for herb and supplement pickup. You can also order supplements and some herbs through our Fullscript online store. Just shoot me an email if you need products. We will work it out!   


I am planning to set up a Free Infertility Support group (which I'll be leading because I'll miss you all SO MUCH) via an online class platform as well. And maybe I'll even host some online dance parties if it comes to that. Or some Qigong/Yoga/Meditation classes! This wild mind won't be idle for long! We all need to stay connected even if it's through a video platform. So check our our blog for updates and follow us on Instagram  for announcements and updates as well.      


I am deeply saddened by this abrupt shift in all of our lives and the potential peril this virus brings. This practice is my first "baby" and I've been acutely aware in the past few days how much all of you mean to me. I am going to miss you all terribly in the coming weeks. But may we emerge from this darkness stronger and more resilient. Time to go in the cocoon and rest up as we prepare to become butterflies, I guess. I do believe that we are being forced to embrace our Yin energies (quiescent, dark, inward, female, lunar, stillness) in a world that has privileged and rewarded Yang (moving, bright, outward, male, solar, dynamic) energy to our detriment. So there's that. 


Don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime via email. I'm here for you. We're in this together.