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EFT & TFT Treatments Online!

Remote Treatments to Tap Away Anxiety, Trauma, & Pain

By Jane Gregorie - April 10, 2020

I've spent the past few weeks (has it really been that long?) loving my animals, being in the sunshine as much as possible, and trying to get back in my kids' good graces after my time away from them in the mountains. But I've also been learning about ways I can help our clients during this crazy time when hands-on acupuncture is not an option.

I was delighted to find EFT & TFT as a way to continue to treat people remotely via telehealth sessions and I'm happy to announce that I'm now certfied to practice these therapies. EFT and TFT (emotional freedom techniques and thought field therapy) were developed starting in the late 70s and further developed in the 90s as mind-body interventions that use our very own acupuncture points to help people overcome both emotional and physical issues.

There is robust research on EFT that cites its efficacy for treating PTSD, anxiety, phobias, pain, depression, and cravings/addiction. Huff Post offers this informative article as well. There are variations between some of the methods, but EFT and TFT sessions generally consist of identifying and checking in about a particular emotional or physical state and how we experience it, then doing breathwork, tapping on acupuncture points (all on head/face/collarbone and hands), and coming to a place of resolution around the identified emotion or sensation before we close out the session. I find it extremely relaxing to go through these simple routines with my clients and love how quickly they work and how effective they feel. 

I got interested in EFT while reading The Body Keeps the Score, a book I'd highly recommend about the brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma. I've worked for so many years now with people who are holding significant trauma in their bodies and while I know acupuncture is a great way to free ourselves of this, I'm extremely grateful to have found this new modality to share with our clients, especially since it's easy to administer over video sessions during this crisis. 

I'm offering the EFT sessions as part of the general Telehealth treatments that you can book online here as an existing patient for just $50 for a 30-minute treatment (a bargain!.) Of course, since I miss all of you so much, I'm doing more like a 45-60 minute sessions so we can also work in time to catch up and chat. You can also use your telehealth session to check in about your herbs, current fertility issues, or get acupressure and herbal recommendations for immunity. If you would like a session outside of the shifts available online, just shoot me an email. 

We are still able to make herbal formula refills and supplement refills for pick up and can also have some items drop-shipped to you from our distributors very easily. Feel free to check into our Fullscript page for easy ordering as well. MHP (which is a local distributor in Lyons) can easily drop ship many items as well-- just email us about what you need and we can arrange it. I think our prices are lower than most on Fullscript, FYI, so drop shipping or pick up may be best deal (but note that shipping costs are $11 per order from MHP). 

Finally, if you want to participate in our free online meditation sessions, they happen every Sunday at 9:30 AM MST. It's a fun way to connect and recharge together on Zoom. I'm also offering an online Writing from the Body class starting NEXT WEEK for women modelled on the Wild Writing practice I've been doing for years with my teacher and friend, Laurie Wagner. I have found these sessions to be better(and cheaper) than therapy for working through anxiety or irritability. Creativity is essential, especially in times of crisis and disconnection. This practice allows us to go DEEP and also bear witness to the hearts and minds of others in an intimate circle of women. I'm also offering the free online support group one more time in April via Zoom, so don't forget to join us if you are feeling alone on your fertility journey right now. I know it's been a painful time for all of those whose treatments were cancelled due to the COVID crisis. Ugh. 

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime if you need support or advice. I miss you all terribly and cannot wait to be back in the clinic sometime soon. Let's all stay safe to flatten the curve as soon as possible. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful family, community, and network of friends right now. We're all in this together!