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Acupuncture for IVF

The Research & The Real Deal

By Jane Gregorie - November 6, 2022

I've been working in the field of fertility acupuncture for over twenty years now, and while there has been more and more research available regarding acupuncture's effect on IVF outcomes as time goes by, I'm more impressed by what our patients say about getting acupuncture while going through IVF, or any medicated cycles for that matter.

Sure, the 2019 meta-analysis of Smith, et. al showed that patients receiving acupuncture had 30% higher levels of live birth rates, but what really impresses me is how our acupuncture supports couples going through IVF on all levels. We frequently hear things from our patients like, "you guys give me more information about what to expect than my IVF nurse," or "this cycle has been so much less stressful because of getting these treatments," or "everyone here has helped me feel so heard and supported through this difficult process." 

Of course, we love it when a patient who had no blasts after a previous retrieval ends up with normal, euploid blasts to transfer when they've incorporated acupuncture, supplements, herbs, dietary therapy, and our self care recommendations. But it's just as rewarding to offer a place where our IVF patients can vent their frustrations, bolster their hope, or just have a good cry in a safe space without judgement. So often, women who walk through this journey feel alone, especially when their friends and family are posting pregnancy announcements and baby pics on social media daily. Merry, Mally, and I all have decades of experience with not only the clinical aspects of fertility treatments, but also with the social, emotional, and spiritual repurcussions these treatments have on our clients. We can answer questions about how best to reduce pain while doing your PIO injections, and offer you ways to cope with the roller-coaster of hopes and fears you might experience at the same time. Plus, acupuncture as a modality has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression during IVF cycles. 

If you're tired of feeling isolated, stressed-out, and anxious as you go through IUI or IVF (or while trying naturally, for that matter), we're here to help. We've walked this path with so many women over the past 20+ years, and we'd be honored to walk it with you too! We also offer a free monthly support group, which meets next Wednesday, November 9th. If you'd like to book an appointment, online booking is easy or feel free to reach out to us at 303-929-9582. And remember, you're not alone; At Acupuncture Denver, we offer a sanctuary of hope, healing, and support for your family-building journey. Don't hesistate to reach out!