When my husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby, we were surprised when we were pregnant within 3 months, what started out feeling kind of like a "game" suddenly became very real. Our daughter Siena was born and our lives were full. Wanting Siena to enjoy a brother or sister, we decided to start trying for a sibling when Siena was about 1 ½. After nearly a year of trying and experiencing wildly fluctuating menstrual cycles from 30 days to nearly 80, we decided to seek help. I met with my midwife who referred me to one of the doctors in her practice. After a brief discussion of our efforts she quickly wrote a prescription for serophene (aka clomid). Needless to say, I was disappointed. When Siena entered our lives, natural living, organic foods and homeopathy also gained in popularity, importance and practice. The potential health risks, negative side effects and potential for twins due to clomid caused us great concern. Not sure what to do next, I spoke with several friends some of whom had personal success with acupuncture and several of whom knew someone who had successfully conceived after receiving treatment. So, I got on the web and consider myself very lucky to have found Jane. I've never liked needles and had never tried acupuncture or Chinese medicine. My first visit with Jane put me at ease. The needles were small, the office was tranquil and most importantly, I felt comfortable with Jane, as if I'd known her for a long time even though we had only just met. I started seeing Jane for weekly acupuncture treatments and began taking the Chinese herbs she prescribed. When I had my first period, I was thrilled. I actually completed a cycle within a reasonable amount of time and ovulated! My next cycle was shorter than the first and I felt confident that we were making progress. My third cycle was nearly a perfect textbook example. Although longer than a "normal" menstrual cycle, through charting and being aware of my body, in addition to my weekly treatments with Jane, I knew exactly when I was ovulating. Even though our "goal" had been to get regular before trying to conceive, we couldn't help ourselves and so we tried, and we were successful! I am now at 35 weeks and excited to meet our second daughter. I wonder what her personality will be like; will she be similar to Siena or very different? Will they look alike? It is an amazing experience and so much fun. Siena keeps saying to me, "Mom, I just want my baby sister NOW." I reassure her that we all want baby sister to arrive, and that she will, very soon, but 5 weeks to a three year old must seem like an eternity. I am confident that my pregnancy is directly attributable to the treatments and herbs I received from Jane and I can't wait to introduce baby sister to Jane to whom we will always be grateful.

- C.F.

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Interstitial Cystitis

When I was diagnosed with the extremely painful bladder condition interstitial cystitis, the disease robbed me of my career, my social life, and my personal life. There is no exact method of treatment for interstitial cystitis in Western medicine, and I was forced to experiment with a wide variety of harsh medicine. I was exhausted, nauseated, and still in pain despite almost nine months of various medications. The pain was excruciating, I couldn"t sleep or leave my house, and the medicines" had harsh side effects that left me without any energy and dealing with a barrage of other devastating complications. The pain had started to threaten my sanity as I had to wonder at the age of twenty-two if I would ever be able to lead a quality life or accomplish any of my dreams of becoming a teacher and a writer. Acupuncture had been suggested to me several times but I had resisted the idea because I doubted the practice. But in March 2003, I decided that anything was worth a try because I could no longer mentally or physically stand the pain. That"s when I met Jane Gregorie. Jane began my treatments with an in depth analysis of the way my disease manifested itself as well as my personal and medical history. She thoroughly explained all the theories and methods of acupuncture to me. Jane has a wonderful bedside manner, which was extremely soothing to me as my disease had put me into personal crisis, and always makes sure you are comfortable during, and with, your treatment. Acupuncture has an advantage over Western medicine because it treats the root of the disease, not just the symptoms. When I first came to Jane I was on an average of seven to twelve medications. Within three months, I was no longer taking any medications, including my extremely harsh narcotic painkillers, other than the herbs she had prescribed. Now, in September 2003, I am teaching and writing for a local newspaper. I am also starting to plan my wedding which had to be postponed due my illness. Jane"s acupuncture treatments gave me my life back. I went in doubting, but I am now a believer in the healing powers of acupuncture and Jane"s talent as a medical practitioner.

- A.W.

Chronic Pain

After 3 yrs of chronic neck and shoulder pain, 7 doctors and endless medications, acupuncture was recommended to me. I was given Dr. Gregorie's name and decided I would try something different from traditional western medicine. From the moment that I first met Dr. G., I felt comfortable with her and trusted that she would do her best to help me. After just one treatment I could not believe the difference. Not only was my pain significantly reduced, my stress level dropped and I began to sleep much better, usually through the night. Eventually the pain was completely gone. Acupuncture in not painful, it is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. My only regret is that I did not try it when I was first injured. I tell everyone about how well it works, and how intuitive Dr. Gregorie was in determining what treatment was best for me. I wish all doctors listened as well as she does.

- B.P.

Interstitial Cystitis

In May of 2001 I was diagnosed with an illness known as Interstitial Cystitis. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to diagnose and most patients see at least 5 to 7 different doctors over a period of 2 or more years before they know what is causing their severe pain. The suffering varies but is excruciating for many people and has been compared to pain as bad as those suffering from cancer. When I was diagnosed, I knew it was necessary to seek every source of information regarding treatment for IC. There is one medication that is given to all suffers called Elmiron. Along with antidepressants and other natural and herbal treatments, acupuncture was also recommended by a number of sources. A friend of mine with the same illness had gone to Jane Gregorie for acupuncture treatment and suggested that I call her. My first visit with Jane was very encouraging. She asked questions regarding my pain (location and type), medications and overall feeling about my health. She was truly a professional. I had not been to an acupuncturist before and she thoroughly explained what she would be doing and about the different medians that need to be treated for specific problems. After my first session, I felt some relief and also a sense of knowing Jane really cared about me. We did a series of treatments and my pain did subside. During this time, Jane took the initiative to do research about IC and made sure I had all the current material she had located. In addition, she recommended some herbal treatments. CystiQuill was one specifically designed to treat patients with IC and I have been taking it for several months. I have the greatest confidence in Jane's knowledge and her dedication to her profession. Most of all, she is sincere and truly cares about the health of those she treats.

- L.H.


At age 59 and after 7 years of Hormone Replacement Therapy, the negative medical reports finally convinced me it was time to quit. I tried 3 months of every “Over The Counter" remedy for hot flashes and still felt miserable. I decided that there must be a better way and was determined to find it. Jane Gregorie has provided me with the answer! Her acupuncture treatments and herbal mixtures have reduced all of my symptoms to practically nothing. Her warm personal approach is truly a welcome change and her sincere interest and care for her patients is refreshing as well as comforting. But most importantly, it works!

- A.W.


Meeting and being treated by Jane Gregorie changed the quality of my life. Acupuncture treatments and consultation from Jane transformed my experience of stress, greatly reducing the manifestations of anxiety and digestive issues. The acupuncture treatments were absolutely the most effective intervention I have tried; they brought an increased sense of peace to my mind, body, and spirit. I would recommend her services to anyone without hesitation.

- C.W.

Emotional/Psychological Issues

I'm writing to thank you for all the help you've given me during my acupuncture treatment with you. Dealing with a dissociative disorder is not easy, either for me or the health care practitioners I've worked with (some of whom reached the limits of their knowledge and ability before any effective work was accomplished). You provide a safe environment where I can relax and speak freely so that I might open my heart and mind to healing. You respect my wishes, yet offer gentle guidance that helps me sort through and understand what I need from treatment. I don't know much about traditional Chinese medicine, but it's obvious that you do, and I trust you completely as put your knowledge to use in the service of my health. The acupuncture needles are painless, the treatments are soothing and cleansing, and I am much better off for having had them. I feel clearer, stronger, and more optimistic. Dissociation is by nature confusing, and the disorientation and despair that accompanies it can seem endless. Acupuncture helps me feel more grounded and able to cope. I appreciate everything you do and have done for me. My healing has been faster and my life richer for my association with you.

- R.B.