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Acupuncture for IVF

The Research & The Real Deal

By Jane Gregorie - November 6, 2022

Acupuncture for IVF
I've been working in the field of fertility acupuncture for over twenty years now, and while there has been more and more research available regarding acupuncture's effect on IVF outcomes as time goes by, I'm more impressed by what our patients say about getting acupuncture while going through IVF, or any medicated cycles for that matter.

Sure, the 2019 meta-analysis of Smith, et. al showed that patients receiving acupuncture had 30% higher levels of live birth rates, but what really impresses me is how our acupuncture supports couples going through IVF on all levels. We frequently hear things from our patients like, "you guys give me more information about what to expect than my IVF nurse," or "this cycle has been so much less stressful because of getting these treatments," or "everyone here has helped me feel so heard and supported through this difficult process." 

Of course, we love it when a patient who had no blasts after a previous retrieval ends up with normal, euploid blasts to transfer when they've incorporated acupuncture, supplements, herbs, dietary therapy, and our self care recommendations. But it's just as rewarding to offer a place where our IVF patients can vent their frustrations, bolster their hope, or just have a good cry in a safe space without judgement. So often, women who walk through this journey feel alone, especially when their friends and family are posting pregnancy announcements and baby pics on social media daily. Merry, Mally, and I all have decades of experience with not only the clinical aspects of fertility treatments, but also with the social, emotional, and spiritual repurcussions these treatments have on our clients. We can answer questions about how best to reduce pain while doing your PIO injections, and offer you ways to cope with the roller-coaster of hopes and fears you might experience at the same time. Plus, acupuncture as a modality has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression during IVF cycles. 

If you're tired of feeling isolated, stressed-out, and anxious as you go through IUI or IVF (or while trying naturally, for that matter), we're here to help. We've walked this path with so many women over the past 20+ years, and we'd be honored to walk it with you too! We also offer a free monthly support group, which meets next Wednesday, November 9th. If you'd like to book an appointment, online booking is easy or feel free to reach out to us at 303-929-9582. And remember, you're not alone; At Acupuncture Denver, we offer a sanctuary of hope, healing, and support for your family-building journey. Don't hesistate to reach out! 

Crazy Safe

Keeping our staff and our patients safe

By Jane Gregorie - May 7, 2020

Crazy Safe


In response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 we are implementing strict infection control protocols to avoid any possible spread of the virus. We are also reducing on-site staff and patient numbers to reduce in person contact at the clinicWhile we are doing this to prevent any possible contamination, it is also important to us that you feel comfortable and relaxed knowing that you are in a safe space. Please feel free to ask us if you have any concerns or questions. 


  • If any of our staff (or any of our family members) are exhibiting any  symptoms of COVID-19, they will be instructed to stay home and refer to the CDPHE Symptom Tracker for additional guidance. None of our staff, our family members, nor any of our clients have tested positive for the virus.
  • If one of our patients (or, one of their family members) is sick or exhibiting symptoms, we are asking that they stay home until they can definitively rule out the virus. 
  • We are screening all staff and patients for fever upon entry into the office (beginning May 8)


  • All surfaces in each treatment room are disinfected after each patient.
  • Furniture has been removed to prevent any contamination of cloth surfaces which are difficult to clean
  • Only disposable table coverings (medical grade) will be used on treatment tables
  • Patients will be asked to enter a treatment room directly upon arrival and only sit on treatment table 
  • Your practitioner is exceeding the guidelines set forth by the Colorado Dept of Health and Environment (CDPHE) in regards to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Health Care Setting Worksites. 
  • All clients are required to wear face masks at all times in the clinic
  • Practitioners will wear medical-grade face masks at all times in clinic outside of breaks which are limited a designated  break room 
  • Practitioners will wear scrubs or clean clothing that they will change into on-site. 
  • Your practitioner will be wearing gloves at all times when making patient contact 
  • All of our needles are single use, and come sealed from the manufacturer.
  • Our cupping and guasha utensils are disinfected after use

Writing Heals Us & Clinic Update

Join us for Women Weaving Wisdom Stories

By Jane Gregorie - April 24, 2020

Writing Heals Us & Clinic Update
Well folks, apparently I spoke too soon about re-opening clinic. As many of you know, Denver county has extended the stay-at-home order through May 8th, so while we thought we could resume in-person care on May 1st, we'll be extending our closure through at least May 8th. I'm hopeful that infection numbers will drop and testing capacity will increase enough for Denver to be a safe place to get acupuncture again soon. You can always book telehealth wiht us in the meantime or a session for sometime after 5/8 online

It's out of our control, in the end, so we're happy to do our part to reduce the transmission of this crazy virus. If there's a silver lining, it's the fact that the mandated shut-down has taught me so much about flexibility and sitting in the discomfort of not-knowing. Letting go of what I cannot control actually feels like liberation now. Resisting the flow of things I cannot change feels like swimming upstream in a current I can't possibly overtake. And so I drift...I've spent more time this past month lounging on my bed curled up with my animals than I have in like the previous decade (and that's saying a lot since I'm someone who lounges in bed with three dogs and one cat more than the average human). I haven't Marie Kondo'ed my entire house like I planned. I haven't finished my manuscript like I "should." I haven't even read an entire book. And somehow, it feels OK. Maybe even good. Maybe even like the medicine I've needed for a long, long time. 

Speaking of good medicine, I've been practicing something called "Wild Writing" with one of my friends and mentors for many years (via Zoom before Zoom was the only place people met for classes) and I'm excited to bring my own version of this practice to you through the Women Weaving Wisdom Stories session that begins next Tuesday, April 28th. It's a free-writing practice with a simple structure: I'll a read a poem for inspiration, pick out a few lines as prompts and we'll set a timer and go for it together, putting unfiltered words on the page as quickly as our pen or keyboard allows. Then we'll share what we put down without any feedback at all. And we'll go through about three or four rounds of this process. 

In my experience, this practice has been one of the best ways to clear out the neurotic chatter in my brain, let out potent doses of story, and bear witness to the beauty of the human experience through deep listening. It's like a group therapy session for the subconscious mind. Some of my closest friends are women I've met in these writing circles, even across the time and space of the internet. We'll start next Tuesday and go for 4 weeks ($80 for all 4x), meeting from 6:00PM to 7:30PM. I know we're all stirred up by this crisis and going deep into the images, sounds, and memories inside can bring out stunningly beautiful stories we didn't even know lived in us. And we'll weave these stories together, becoming richer by holding space for each other in all our raw authenticity. Reach out to me if you have any questions. I'd love for you to join us in this powerful work. 

With Gratitude, 

Clinic Re-Opening May 9 (UPDATE**)

Patient Care Resumes May 9th (we hope!)

By Jane Gregorie - April 22, 2020

Clinic Re-Opening May 9 (UPDATE**)
We are so excited to announce that we'll be back in clinic for in-person patient care appointments again on May 9, 2020. As long as Denver stay at home guidelines are lifted as planned after May 8th, we are all set to see you again for acupuncture

You can now book online for in-person appointments from May 9th onward. We will be putting strict measures in place to limit any potential patient or staff exposure to COVID including: 
  • all clients must come to clinic wearing a mask 
  • all staff will wear masks at all times
  • all clients and staff will have mandatory temperature checks upon entry to clinic
  • no one will gather in waiting area; all patients will go directly to individual treatment room
  • all rooms will be disinfected with hospital-grade anti-viral disinectants after all contact and we will only use disposable sheets
  • no water or tea service available in waiting room
  • limiting close contact with patients to needle insertion, removal, and cupping, gua sha, and massage
We are beyond excited to connect with you in-person again and will also be able to offer herbs, supplements, and and treatments to bolster immunity and fight viral infections. We are also aware that many fertility treatments will be resumed at this time and are grateful we can continue to support you on your family-building journey. 

Don't forget about our free events this week for NIAW
Wednesday, 4/22 6:00PM  Ask the Acupuncturist Zoom Party! Register:  HERE! 
Thursday, 4/23 10:00 AM Free Fertility Yoga Class with Jane  Register: HERE! 
Thursday, 4/23 6:00 PM Free Women’s Infertility Support Group with Jane Register: Eventbrite

I'm also very excited to offer a 4-week online Women Weaving Wisdom Stories writing class starting on April 28th at 6:00 PM ($80 for 4 sessions). This is a passion project for me based on a community-based free writing practice I've done via Zoom for many years. Some of my best friends are women I've met in these classes over the years. We could all use the emotional release of a free-writing to process all that's been going on in our subconscious during this unprecedented time. Even if we meet online, I can attest to the power of bearing witness to each other and the connections we can make sharing our stories in this deep way. Join us! 

Please reach out if you need any herb or supplement refills before we re-open (we can arrange for pick-up) or if you have any questions or concerns. We are here for you! 

With Love & Gratitude, 

National Infertility Awareness Week: April 19-25

Free Events to Honor NIAW- Join Us Online!

By Jane Gregorie - April 21, 2020

National Infertility Awareness Week: April 19-25
Join us for some special events as we create community and show our support for National Infertility Awareness Week. We will be hosting some wonderful, free online events April 19-25th: 

Wednesday, April 22 at 6:00 PM- "Ask the Acupuncturists" Zoom Party: register here

Thursday, April 23 at 10:00 AM- Fertile Ground Yoga Class with Jane: register here

Thursday, April 23 at 6:00 PM- Women's Infertility Support Group: register here

We've also reduced the price of our Women Weaving Wisdom Stories online writing class to just $80! We'll meet for 4 Tuesday evenings in April and May. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to connect with other women in a space of authenticity as we explore our creativity and stories together. 

Also, we are hopeful that based on recent Colorado and Denver guidelines we can open the clinic again on Friday, May 1st for real-life treatments! The online schedule is now open again from May 1st onward. We cannot wait to see you! 


EFT & TFT Treatments Online!

Remote Treatments to Tap Away Anxiety, Trauma, & Pain

By Jane Gregorie - April 10, 2020

EFT & TFT Treatments Online!
I've spent the past few weeks (has it really been that long?) loving my animals, being in the sunshine as much as possible, and trying to get back in my kids' good graces after my time away from them in the mountains. But I've also been learning about ways I can help our clients during this crazy time when hands-on acupuncture is not an option.

I was delighted to find EFT & TFT as a way to continue to treat people remotely via telehealth sessions and I'm happy to announce that I'm now certfied to practice these therapies. EFT and TFT (emotional freedom techniques and thought field therapy) were developed starting in the late 70s and further developed in the 90s as mind-body interventions that use our very own acupuncture points to help people overcome both emotional and physical issues.

There is robust research on EFT that cites its efficacy for treating PTSD, anxiety, phobias, pain, depression, and cravings/addiction. Huff Post offers this informative article as well. There are variations between some of the methods, but EFT and TFT sessions generally consist of identifying and checking in about a particular emotional or physical state and how we experience it, then doing breathwork, tapping on acupuncture points (all on head/face/collarbone and hands), and coming to a place of resolution around the identified emotion or sensation before we close out the session. I find it extremely relaxing to go through these simple routines with my clients and love how quickly they work and how effective they feel. 

I got interested in EFT while reading The Body Keeps the Score, a book I'd highly recommend about the brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma. I've worked for so many years now with people who are holding significant trauma in their bodies and while I know acupuncture is a great way to free ourselves of this, I'm extremely grateful to have found this new modality to share with our clients, especially since it's easy to administer over video sessions during this crisis. 

I'm offering the EFT sessions as part of the general Telehealth treatments that you can book online here as an existing patient for just $50 for a 30-minute treatment (a bargain!.) Of course, since I miss all of you so much, I'm doing more like a 45-60 minute sessions so we can also work in time to catch up and chat. You can also use your telehealth session to check in about your herbs, current fertility issues, or get acupressure and herbal recommendations for immunity. If you would like a session outside of the shifts available online, just shoot me an email

We are still able to make herbal formula refills and supplement refills for pick up and can also have some items drop-shipped to you from our distributors very easily. Feel free to check into our Fullscript page for easy ordering as well. MHP (which is a local distributor in Lyons) can easily drop ship many items as well-- just email us about what you need and we can arrange it. I think our prices are lower than most on Fullscript, FYI, so drop shipping or pick up may be best deal (but note that shipping costs are $11 per order from MHP). 

Finally, if you want to participate in our free online meditation sessions, they happen every Sunday at 9:30 AM MST. It's a fun way to connect and recharge together on Zoom. I'm also offering an online Writing from the Body class starting NEXT WEEK for women modelled on the Wild Writing practice I've been doing for years with my teacher and friend, Laurie Wagner. I have found these sessions to be better(and cheaper) than therapy for working through anxiety or irritability. Creativity is essential, especially in times of crisis and disconnection. This practice allows us to go DEEP and also bear witness to the hearts and minds of others in an intimate circle of women. I'm also offering the free online support group one more time in April via Zoom, so don't forget to join us if you are feeling alone on your fertility journey right now. I know it's been a painful time for all of those whose treatments were cancelled due to the COVID crisis. Ugh. 

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime if you need support or advice. I miss you all terribly and cannot wait to be back in the clinic sometime soon. Let's all stay safe to flatten the curve as soon as possible. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful family, community, and network of friends right now. We're all in this together! 


Telehealth Sessions & Online Community Classes!

Stay Connected to Acupuncture Denver

By Jane Gregorie - March 28, 2020

Telehealth Sessions & Online Community Classes!

Greetings from the mountains of Park County! It’s been just over a week since we closed the clinic and I already miss all of you and my staff so much. I hope you are staying safe and practicing self-compassion in the midst of all this uncertainty.

Even though the clinic is closed, we can still connect! I’m excited to announce that you can still access care with us via Telehealth Consults online. These video-based sessions are a great way to revisit your treatment plan, get fertility and wellness coaching from Jane, receive new herbal or supplement recommendations, or even practice a one-on-one personalized guided meditation together. For now, we’ve opened up the calendar on a limited basis but let us know if you want to schedule a time outside of the current hours or if you’d like to set up a session with Mally, Merry, or Megan. We can make it work and we are grateful to have this new option to offer. 

I am also offering some live online classes through Zoom to stay connected with you all and nurture a sense of community during a time that feels so isolating.

And coming soon, I’ll be bringing back Fertile Ground Yoga Sessions live and online through Zoom. Visit our classes page anytime to learn about the current offerings. If you have any ideas or requests for ways we can support you, feel free to email me. I’d love to hear from you! 

If you need to refill an herbal formula or pick up supplements, we can prepare those items and leave them at our office door for pick-up. Just email us with these requests. You can also refill supplements as needed through our Fullscript pharmacy online. 

I hope to see many of you in the virtual world as soon as TOMORROW for a community meditation class on Zoom. We will get through this crisis together and be stronger on the other side. Know I’m here for you and sending love and protection and healing energy your way.

Hugs from Afar, 


CLINIC CLOSED! (for now)

We are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 Outbreak

By Jane Gregorie - March 20, 2020

CLINIC CLOSED! (for now)

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and recent Colorado State Health Department Mandates, we are closing the clinic effective 3/20/20 until further notice. Depending on how the regulations effect our industry (as acupuncturists we are in a bit of a gray area as healthcare providers and not a spa/salon/tattoo parlor!). We hope to be open as early as 4/16/20, but closure could be mandated through 4/30/20 if we are subject to the same rules as salons and spas.           


Our online booking platform is rolling out some telehealth/video session options as early as next week and we'll be setting those up for our clients ASAP. We will be available on a limited basis for herb and supplement pickup. You can also order supplements and some herbs through our Fullscript online store. Just shoot me an email if you need products. We will work it out!   


I am planning to set up a Free Infertility Support group (which I'll be leading because I'll miss you all SO MUCH) via an online class platform as well. And maybe I'll even host some online dance parties if it comes to that. Or some Qigong/Yoga/Meditation classes! This wild mind won't be idle for long! We all need to stay connected even if it's through a video platform. So check our our blog for updates and follow us on Instagram  for announcements and updates as well.      


I am deeply saddened by this abrupt shift in all of our lives and the potential peril this virus brings. This practice is my first "baby" and I've been acutely aware in the past few days how much all of you mean to me. I am going to miss you all terribly in the coming weeks. But may we emerge from this darkness stronger and more resilient. Time to go in the cocoon and rest up as we prepare to become butterflies, I guess. I do believe that we are being forced to embrace our Yin energies (quiescent, dark, inward, female, lunar, stillness) in a world that has privileged and rewarded Yang (moving, bright, outward, male, solar, dynamic) energy to our detriment. So there's that. 


Don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime via email. I'm here for you. We're in this together. 



The COVID & The Beautiful

Managing During A Crisis

By Jane Gregorie - March 14, 2020

The COVID & The Beautiful

Sh*t's done hit the fan, y'all. I can't believe how crazy this past week has been, globally and locally. We have been working hard to put policies and procedures in place to ensure that we can continue to offer exceptional patient care and a safe place for healing despite the current COVID-19 crisis. Clinic will remain open for regular hours at this time, but will be postponing the Women's Infertility Support group for obvious reasons until at least May. 

I'm including a list of cleaning and safety measures we are taking at the clinic (see below) and also wanted to make sure that you all get the message that we cannot see any patients who have any symptoms of active viral infections (fever, chills, body aches, wheezing, sore throat, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath) as well as those who are self-quarantining based on likely exposure to the virus. Our staff has also been instructed to STAY HOME if they are sick. 


I also want to invite you to take some time away from the chaos and increasingly terrifying news and focus on recharging, resting, and getting into nature. Nature is the BEST place to find solace right now (and based on that study, it's also great for your immunity!) You can certainly maintain social distance in the hills or the woods, which is what I had the great pleasure of doing today. I took a long slog through crusty snow in the mountains with my dogs, taking in the fresh air, wandering among the aspens and Doug firs, and noticing the way the light on snow makes the world so much brighter at midday in winter. I took in the vista from a ridge overlooking the Mosquito Peaks above the vast South Park mesa, Mt. Baldy shining silver between parting clouds, and I thought to myself, the world may be is crazy, but I'm freaking lucky to be alive today


Rather than spinning out on all the bad news stories and worrying about my toilet paper supply (luckily I have a bidet at my house-- toilet paper be damned!), I decided to focus on what I'm grateful for and to literally gaze on as much beauty as I can take in (hence the campy photo above), because I know it will do my body and mind good. I invite you to find a place in nature or even in your back yard where you can feel grounded and connected to the earth, at one with the benevolent spirits of the elements, and at peace in the HERE and NOW. Maybe the many shut-downs happening around us are inviting us to do just that: SLOW DOWN. Even STOP. Breathe. 


We will be creating a similar viral prevention formulas in our pharmacy and can drop ship herbs and supplements to clients upon request from some of our vendors. You can also order supplements from our Fullscript pharmacy. Chinese herbs have been used for millennia to treat viral infections and support immunity. Call us at 303-929-9582 if you need help getting any products. Or shoot us an email at


In addition to immune-boosting herbs, acupuncture or at-home moxa, I'd also recommend taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, a good probiotic, getting PLENTY OF SLEEP, avoiding too much sugar and incorporating foods like bone broth soups or congee, taking saunas if you can, and of course washing those hands with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds multiple times per day, especially after being in crowded places. Most of us have sturdy immune and cardiovascular systems and are at very low risk of severe complications from COVID-19. There was some promising research cited in this Guardian article in terms of COVID risk and pregnancy, which is reassuring for our pregnant and fertility clients. But we must remain vigilant about decreasing the spread of this virus as a community, either way. We're going to be here for you, doing our part to serve our patients and keep them well. Reach out if you need us, anytime. 


What we are doing: 

  • cleaning all clinic surfaces throughout the day
  • using disposable cups for tea and water service
  • allowing patients to move to a treatment room (or back bench if not available) if they prefer to be isolated while waiting 
  • sanitizing everything that clients touch before and after every treatment (face cradles, doorbells sheets)
  • washing/sanitizing our hands before and after every patient
  • asking our staff to stay home if they are ill and self-quarantine if necessary


What you can do: 

  • cancel your upcoming appointment if you are ill or have been in close contact with someone who is ill
  • wash your hands before and after coming into clinic (bathroom is just to the left of our clinic door as you enter)
  • slow down, take a breath, and remember what you love about life. Take in some beauty.
  • and I'm telling you right now, everyone needs a biffy!

Please reach out to us if you have concerns about coming in during this time and also remember you can book and cancel online HERE. Be well and look for what delights you in the world!