Woman wearing white shirt holding her baby bump.

As ABORM certified specialists with advanced training and continuing education in reproductive medicine (not to mention many years of experience working with pregnant ladies!), we are not only fertility specialists, but also prenatal acupuncture experts.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been used for over 2000 thousand years to support women through all stages of the reproductive cycle: from pre-conception through pregnancy and the post-partum period.

Research has shown acupuncture to be safe and effective for a wide variety of conditions that are common in pregnancy including:

  • morning sickness
  • pelvic pain
  • hip and back pain
  • depression
  • hypertension
  • breech presentation

At Acupuncture Denver, we recommend biweekly treatment in the first trimester, monthly treatment in the second trimester, and weekly treatment from 36 to 40 weeks gestation for birth preparation. In the final weeks of pregnancy, birth prep treatments can help ripen and soften the cervix, calm the mind, ease pain and ultimately shorten labor times as well as reduce medical induction and emergency cesarean section rates.

We can provide treatment to help with turning babies in cases of breech presentation. Studies show that the optimal time to turn a baby with moxabustion is between 34-35 weeks, but we"ve had clients whose babies have turned as late as 38 weeks!

We love Debra Betts" study on pre-birth treatments as well as her fabulous and free PDF guide on acupressure for pain relief during labor. We also love the Spinning Babies website that has great resources and videos for optimizing fetal positioning and helping turn breech babies.

Our treatment protocols in pregnancy include acupuncture, dietary therapy, nutritional supplementation, and guided meditations for each trimester.

We also support women in the postpartum period with issues such as lactation insufficiency, post-partum depression (PPD), anxiety, c-section recovery, and emotional stress. Research indicates that acupuncture can be as effective as SSRIs for PPD, but with fewer side effects.

Acupuncture Denver has wonderful referral relationships with many OBGYNs and Certified Nurse Midwives in Denver. Some of our favorite clinics can be found on our links page.

Finally, we know that not every pregnancy has a happy ending. We"ve had the honor of supporting many women who have faced recurrent miscarriages, medical terminations, stillbirths, infant losses, and other traumas around pregnancy and childbirth. We strive to create a safe space where our clients can come with their whole selves and find solace and understanding in the face of such deeply painful experiences.

By cultivating deep listening and empathy, we hope to support our clients through both the joys and heartbreaks that can be part of the family-building journey.